Early Russian Cinema, Vol. 4: Provincial Variations [DVD]

Lim Soo Jung, Lee Sun Kyun, Ryoo Seung Ryong – Format: DVD-R

Hier erhältlich ab EUR 78,08

Inhalt und Beschreibung

Early Russian Cinema Volume 4 reveals two wondrous films with historic significance. The producer Slavinskii was asked to create some art films. In a small town of Silesia, he met a travelling company of Jewish performers. With no director, their collective efforts produced THE WEDDING DAY, an incredibly moving and authentic depiction of Jewish life before the destruction of these communities by Stalin and Hitler. MERCHANT BASHKIROV'S DAUGHTER offers a remarkable insight into the sociology of the early Russian cinema industry. The film was based on an actual murder scandal of the Bashkirov family, apparently with the intention of blackmailing the family! Whether they paid up or threatened legal action, the result was a solemn announcement in the trade press that the film would be released under the less specific title, DRAMA ON THE VOLGA. Nothing in Western popular movie morality prepares us for the lover's accidental death and the horrific sequence of events that follows.


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